Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Field-trips of Vietnam pepper crop 2018

Eventually Vietnamese pepper had remarkably finished the year 2017 with 120% higher in term of volume in comparison with itself of 2016.

Harvests are coming closer from places to places. We have been in field-trips starting from Loc Ninh (Binh Phuoc), Dak R'Moan, Dak Song (DakNong), Ea H'leo (Daklak), Chu Prong, DakDoa (Gia Lai) to have a close-up view to the new crops here and there.

First stop at Loc Ninh, the farmers were very disappointed with the decline of pepper prices as well as the productivity. Some was well-prepared to cope with the critical situations by mix-planting, alternating other orchards in the pepper farms (grapefruits, jack fruits, etc).

Next stop at Dak R'Moan, we visited a local co-operative who has been launching the clean-cultivation program (meaning using less chemical fertilizers and more organic alternatives). Although their aims are to go sustainable way and their products could earn premium prices from the buyers, they are being challenged with the market violation like any other.

Moving further to DakSong, we came to a green farms where we were warmly welcomed by the owner. He who is diversifying his plants in the farm of more than 20hectares (pepper vines, vegetables, poultry, etc). And this expert is taking very good care of his pepper which is more fruitful than most of others. The suffers from pepper decline might not be a big problem for him since there are several back-up products which could help. For instances, he is producing and supplying red pepper, dried green pepper, organic vegetables to domestic and oversea buyers.


Up north to Ea H'leo, we visited a big farm of a state-owned company. They forecast average productivity of the farm would be 50-70% less than previous year. Majorly due to pestilent insects and bad weather. Many perished pepper vines exposed the naked wooden posts whereas the living ones looked feeble and not fruitful enough.

Lastly we arrived Gia Lai one of the age-old pepper areas. Chu Prong still has new young farms. Some farms were being attacked by pests which resulted to low production similar to major of the other ones. However, still we could see a very nice farm in Dak Doa where pepper vines are excellently fruitful.

After the trips we partly witnessed how the crop grows and how farmers thought and tried to cope with what happened to their cultivation & harvests, and what happened to the market. Major of people said there would be fatal decline of productivity (but the plantation areas had been expanded respectively for making up). The market price is tumbling to half of where it was in the same period 2017. Price has been squeezed to unimaginable levels. It seems when the tree is fallen, everyone run to it with his axe. However, there are always timing traps for those who go short.


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