Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Pepper market report on 10th October 2018
Marker is showing a high tongue today since local prices are ranging VND57,000-60,000 per kg. Particularly VND57,000/kg in Dong Nai & Gia Lai, VND58,000/kg in DakNong & DakLak, VND59,000/kg in Binh Phuoc, VND60,000/kg in Ba Ria Vung Tau. In general, local price has increased VND3,000 per kg in comparison with last week opening.
It is forecast that the supplying surplus will be going lower and lower which is positively supporting the market prices. In Indonesia, farmers are not building stocks like they used to in previous years. In Vietnam and India, prolonged rains/floods had caused damage to pepper farms. Brazilian pepper is coming to end crop.
From now to end of 2018 we might see the firm market trend.

Export prices today are ranging (subject to re-confirmation):

- VBP 500gl FAQ: 2700 USD/mt

- VBP 500gl Clean: 2900 USD/mt

- VBP 550gl FAQ: 2850 USD/mt

- VBP 550gl Clean: 2950 USD/mt

- VBP 570gl ASTA: 3000 USD/mt

- VBP 5mm Bold: 3200 USD/mt

- VWP DW Clean: 4200 USD/mt


FOB Hochiminh

Nov 2018 shipment subject to Seller's final confirmation.

Packing: 50kgs net per PP bag.


Your inquiries/counter-bids or market information exchanging, discussions are mostly welcomed anytime.


Please feel free to contact us.


Ngoi Nha Hat Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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