Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam

Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Ngôi nhà hạt việt nam
Pepper market report on 24th Apr 2018

According to VPA, the market showed a mixed response during the week. Pepper price in Viet Nam increased; while in India and Malaysia decreased. Stable prices were recorded in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and China. In Viet Nam pepper harvest has almost completed but market is not actively brisk as farmers hold materials from recent harvest. On the demand side, global activity has shown an increasing trend and moved the price up. During the week, pepper price in HCM City increased almost daily. On an average, price of black pepper increased by 6% locally and 4% FOB while for white pepper increased by 2%. Observing the above development, pepper harvested from the recent crop might not be as good as predicted and price stability is expected to take place.


Optimistic sellers/farmers are expecting the restoration will happen very soon towards VND65,000-70,000/kg during May. Buyers might not see the downtrend in Q2/2018.


Export prices today are ranging (subject to re-confirmation):

- VBP 500 FAQ @ 2950 - 3000 USD/mt

- VBP 500 Spiral Cleaned @ 3100 - 3150 USD/mt

- VBP 550 FAQ @ 3075 - 3125 USD/mt

- VBP 550 Spiral Cleaned @ 3200 - 3250 USD/mt

- VBP 570 ASTA @ 3250 - 3300 USD/mt

- VBP 5MM Bold @ 3450 - 3500 USD/mt

- VWP DW @ 4750 - 4800 USD/mt


FOB Hochiminh
May shipment subject to Seller's final confirmation.
Packing: 50kgs net per PP bag.
Your inquiries/counter-bids or market information exchanging, discussions are mostly welcomed anytime.
Please feel free to contact us.
Ngoi Nha Hat Vietnam Co., Ltd.
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